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Online Personal Training:

Written individualized exercise plans

*includes detailed exercises and pictures  


Weekly Plans

3 workouts- $50.00/week

5 workouts- $75.00/week

Monthly Plans


In Person Personal Training:

*must be within a 10-20 mile radius

1:1 Training

1 hour


30 minutes



Buddy Training (2 people)

1 hour


30 minutes


Group Training (3-4 people)

1 hour


30 minutes


Running Programs:

*includes weekly running mileage and two resistance training workouts per week

5K or 10K Training

8 week plan


Half Marathon Training

12 week plan


Marathon Training

16 week plan


Private Lacrosse Lessons:

Lacrosse Team

1 hour 


Online Video Training:

Train from the comfort of your own home

Video Blogging

30 minutes


1 hr


Book Service

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