Basketball Crossover

Basketball Crossover

"It's not about the number of hours you practice, it's about the number of hours your mind is present during the practice"

-Kobe Bryant



Team LSP

The world of sports is challenging. Success requires commitment, dedication, and sacrifice. A positive balance in both physical and mental training is absolutely essential; either alone will simply not suffice. The rewards of achievement are extremely gratifying, and suppport the true mind-body-spirit connection.

LSP Mental Edge was launched in 2012 as a means to assist athletes in all-sport disciplines at every skill level achieve their individual and/or teams highest potential. This is accomplished utilizing custom designed and uniquely individualized mental training programs based in-part on Olympic Gold Medal winning proven Peak Performance techniques developed by Stanford University Medical Center and celebrated Author Dr. JoAnn Dahlkohletter.

LSP's Founder and Principal Coach/Consultant is Jeff LaVaute. His credentials include experience as a former A.M.A. Pro-Am Licensed National Motocross Racer, and graduate of Dr. Jeff Spencer/Gary Bailey's Advanced Motocross School. He has diverse formal education at the Graduate level, and also holds a post-Master's Professional Certification in the fields of Sports Psychology & Peak Performance from Performing Edge Coaching International. He also has an extensive background in medical device manufacturing as a senior engineering/management professional, with interest in trauma related injuries and applicable research. Jeff is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in Performance Psychology. His clients benefit real-time from these advanced learning and experiences with direct application in all LSP services offered. Jeff's passion for sport and deep understanding of the mental discipline required from a professional athletes perspective to achieve success is simply unparalleled.

Please review the services section to understand how working together, we can strive to achieve your Performing Edge™- in sport, business, and life! 



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Committed to Quality

LSP's Client focused and collaborative 
approach is the foundation for your success. Since no two individual's or teams are the same physiologically or mentally, every program is custom designed based on the uniqueness of our client's and their specific needs as outlined in the link below.


Client Customization

  • Professional Mental coaching for before, during, and Life-after-Sport

  • All skill levels of competition; Individual athletes or teams

  • Proven Peak Performance techniques

  • Motocross/SX racing specialty​

  • FREE initial consultation

  • 24/7 Services Available


Exceeding Expectations

LSP believes in providing leading and innovative mental edge training with individualized programs for all athletes, from beginner to Olympian; everyone can learn. Together, we will strive to improve, and help to sustain each of our valued Client's performance levels. Dream Big!




Professional Personal Training & Fitness Consulting

Sports Psychology Coaching Certification

Sports Psychology Coaching Certification


Please Consider Supporting Extreme Athletes Injured in Sport Competition

Please Support Former NFL Star Tim Green and ALS research


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